The Communication, Culture, and Technology Program is an interdisciplinary graduate program dedicated to identifying, researching, and understanding complex problems associated with today's mediated environment.  My specific focus is exploring how organizations and individuals interact in these new spaces.

Courses I teach include:


Communication Theory and Frameworks

Students examine and learn over 40 theories that help explain how we process, produce, and understand messages. 

Qualitative Methods

Students explore interviewing, focus groups, content analysis, rhetorical analysis, and participant observation to understand complex problems. 

Communication Technologies & Organizations

Organizations are constituted through conversations.  Communication technologies have transformed how we address internal and external stakeholders.  In this class we explore blogs, social media platforms, wikis, intranets, and individual communication technologies and how they relate to interaction, decision making, group formation, crisis situations, and strategy.

Digital Presence & Strategic Persuasion

Students create outward facing electronic portfolios based on reflection and development of narratives focused towards the need of identified external audiences.

Introduction to Communication, Culture, and Technology:  CCTP 505

New CCT students explore interdisciplinary problem solving and methods.