Multicommunicating describes the participation in multiple conversations at any one time and is facilitated by the use of new media.

I am interested in the impact of multicommunicating on our presence.

Successful and Unsuccessful Multicommunication Episodes: Engaging in Dialogue or Juggling Messages? We all do it, but sometimes we do it more successfully than others. We’re talking about multicommunicating—or engaging in more than one conversation at a time -- from the perspective of 201 MBA students. We found that they consider a variety of reasons for labeling a particular episode as “unsuccessful,” like making communication errors as a sign they were juggling too many conversations.

Multicommunicating: A Practice Whose Time Has Come? Here, we introduce, define, and distinguish the term multicommunicating to describe the concept of overlapping conversations, an increasingly common occurrence in the technology-enriched workplace. Evolving and advanced technology has given us this ability, and it’s time to formally study it to benefit both the research literature and the use of it in workplace and daily life settings.

The Business Communicator as Presence Allocator: Multi-Communicating, Equivocality, and Status at Work. Here, we introduce the concept of multicommunicating and report two studies that explore its influencing factors. Through the lenses of social presence and media richness, we describe employees as trying to maximize presence. We found that complexity of the message and the status of each partner communicating affected multicommunication.

Real presence: Challenges and opportunities for a wired generation. How can today’s culture of communication devices help inform our understanding of presence with each other -- and with God?

No cellphone? No internet? So much less stress. We wanted to hear what students thought of their own ultra-connected digital lives, and we found that they were reflective, thoughtful, and more self-aware than many people think!