Social Presence  Attention to our messages seems to be vanishing.  Whether it is in our workplace, our teams, our customers, our families, or our friends, it is increasingly more difficult to break through the digital devices that get in the way of communication.  Additionally, the ubiquity of digital devices means that people are often participating in multiple conversations at once – or multicommunicating.  As a result, your ability to be socially present with an audience requires first an intentional approach to attentional presence.  How do you craft and control your communication taking into consideration other conversations that are going on simultaneously?   Do you ask for the technology to be put away?  Establish ground rules?  What are your tactical choices when facing ubiquitous digital communications?  And what about using them to your advantage—how can you facilitate information sharing in the midst of this over-mediated context?  Jeanine's research provides guidance by exploring four primary communication choices for attentional presence available to communicators.