Telemedicine describes the use of communication techology to provide healthcare.  My studies of telemedicine have explored the impact of a mediated environment on doctor patient interaction.  Most of these studies have been exploring videoconferencing technology in synchronous settings addressing chronic and acute conditions. 

My early telemedicine research explored the prison setting.

Telepsychiatry as a case study of presence: Do you know what you are missing? This study explores the use of videoconferencing technology as a means of providing mental health consultations across distances. We found that the telecommunications link compared favorably to face-to-face encounters in assessments by physicians and patients, but there’s still a false sense of presence which keeps some of the relationship at bay.

Research continued to explore chronic care, specifically use with patients with diabetes.

Media attitudes vs. media use: The contribution of context to the communication environment in telemedicine. Here, we used media attitudes and media use research to explore patient and health care practitioner attitudes toward telemedicine interactions via videoconferencing technology.

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